Sunnynook – Concrete Tile Roof

Sunnynook North Shore house painting job first of first we have to cover the roof immediately the 5 pieces of roof edge tile. We found the same brand and specification from a demolition yard in South Auckland and the same day we bought a lot extra for future use they are $5 a piece only. This is a 1990’s built house it’s going to be harder to match the same tile later so we’d better to same some for the future.

This was the good job done by the April Auckland storm. I assume many trade people are happy about the storm because since then the businesses are getting a bit better than regular. This is why we have this job the same reason I reckon.

We gave the roof a total complete water blasting to remove all dirty and moss. Mortar is the right mixed cement to stick tiles together when they are all we on both side so after the cleaning it’s the good time to do repair, then we gave it one day to dry before the roof painting. This is when it’s basically done. It was not an ideal weather for the roof painting we had to work around showers. This caused some minor problems then we went back one week later to do the touch up.

Gutters were cleaned and well wrapped before the painting.

This is after the top roof done. You can see the difference.

The tiles we matched. Well the roof color is Metallic Navy from Dulux if like it.

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