Mairangi Bay – Exterior

Mairangi Bay North Shore house painting done in 6 days by 3 painters. weatherboard house exterior painting works done in one week including all the repairs and reparations. This photo is the second repair after the first paint stripping and repairs, under coat and first top coat.

The second time painting preparation works in progress.

Work on going at the back of the house the yard side.

Rear door sanded, under coated then we used oil based enamel high gloss paint to triple the perfection over the years. It’s tough.

All timber window frames sanded, under coated and oil based enamel paint painted.

House front side window frames painted, it’s shinny now.

Front door oil based enamel high gloss painted.

Windows in the bush all sanded and painted.

Inside section first coat painting.

A lot of rotten timber repair works.

We should not wait until the timber was so seriously rotten to do the house maintenance.

Window frames almost penetrated.

This rotten piece is huge, we can repair this as well. Inside we used fast dry builder’s filler, then contract filler, followed by sanding. Before that all the rotten and wet parts were removed.

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