How to define a high-quality painting service?

The North Shore, New Zealand’s fourth-largest city, represents the standard of living in New Zealand, a developed country. Correspondingly, local residents have high requirements for the living environment, especially the quality of their houses. Among them, the paint service, which has an important influence on the quality of the house, has attracted people’s attention. However, due to professional limitations, people’s understanding of the indoor and outdoor paint services industry is still concentrated in the shallow layer.

Inadequate understanding will affect people’s criteria for judging paint service companies and may make inappropriate choices. Here, take a professional look at the indoor and outdoor paint services of North Shore.

The painting process affects service quality

House painting is a complicated and meticulous process. It is not as simple as people think. There are strict requirements for painting details and painting specification constraints behind this. When measuring the quality of a company’s painting service, the preparation process is a very critical factor.

Whether the basic preparation work is well done

Painting is a systematic project, and basic work needs to be done just like building a house. Otherwise, it will affect the smooth progress of the entire construction process, and the finished product will also have serious defects.

First, the primary basic preparations of painting lie in the basic treatment of the wall surface, which is also applicable even in the indoor and exterior painting services of the North Shore.

One is to pay attention to the smoothness of the wall. In practice, due to the different painting quality of housing built units, it is not ruled out that some houses have important flaws in the flatness of the walls. However, some paint builders did not pay enough attention to this problem, so that after finishing the paint construction, they found that the overall wall was very unsightly and the aesthetics were greatly compromised.

The second is to be professional in the process of adjusting the flatness of the wall. For example, the number of times of scraping putty should not be less than twice, otherwise, it will be difficult to substantially help the flatness. In addition, if it is an old wall, additional operations are required, such as scraping the wall. Sometimes, based on various reasons, the construction party will not work hard on this aspect, but try to be simple, but ignore the overall influence of flatness on the paint, thus hurting the ultimate effect.

In the North Shore, people have a lower tolerance for blemishes, so any paint construction unit needs to have enough patience in this regard, and there must be no luck. This is an important criterion for measuring the quality of the painting service on the North Shore interior and exterior painting.

Second, another important prerequisite for painting is that the wall needs to be completely dry, that is, the wall cannot be painted when it contains moisture. According to the principles of physics, if the wall is not dry, forcibly painting will affect the quality of the paint and the effect of the painting. Therefore, whether there is a reasonable plan for the entire construction process is also the standard for judging the service quality of the painting services.

Whether the painting conditions are judged accurately

For highly professional painting services, every step of the painting process is very appropriate. For example: when is the best time to paint. Painting is the last key step of painting service, and it can be done under the condition of doing a lot of basic work in the early stage. This requires the construction party to have a clear understanding and must not rush for success when the preconditions are not up to the standard.

The key is to do every step well. Scrape the putty for the first time, then put it on for the second time after it has dried, and then put the primer twice after it has dried, and then topcoat it. This is the basic paint construction process of the wall. The steps are interlocked and affect each other. During painting, if major flaws are found in the previous steps, they should not be seen or seen and proceed to the next step in a hurry, which may cause the overall painting service to be invalidated. Excellent indoor and outdoor painting services have strict requirements for every link.

The technical proficiency of workers affects service quality

In addition, unlike domestic painting workers who mostly master professional painters’ skills, it is not easy to recruit skilled painters in the North Shore. In other words, companies that can provide high-quality North Shore interior and exterior painting services have their own team of high-quality paint workers, which is a major reference direction for consumers when making choices.

Does the painting company have different painting specifications for different objects?

High-quality North Shore indoor and outdoor painting services usually formulate or comply with different service specifications for different construction objects. There are mainly two situations here: one is indoor paint construction; the other is outdoor paint construction.

  1. Interior painting service
    For indoor paint construction services, there are two situations: new houses and old houses. In the North Shore, people’s pursuit of new houses is not very high, but the comfort of the house is more important. Therefore, two business directions in which new houses and old houses coexist and each occupy a certain proportion of the market share have emerged. The painting services of these two types of houses have their own norms and standards, and there are both commonality and differences between the two.
    First, the new house interior painting
    The interior paint construction of the new house is relatively simple, and its work focuses on levelling the walls. As long as the constructor has a good grasp of both the flatness and dryness of the wall, the painting service can usually be completed smoothly.
    Second, the old house interior painting
    When performing interior painting services on old houses, the operation is more complicated. This is mainly due to the need for more work in the early stage, such as the need to scrape the wall first. Moreover, scraping walls is not purely physical work, and it also has corresponding technical requirements. This has different standards for construction specifications. When performing specific services, the constructors need to follow the specifications carefully and not mix them up.
  2. Exterior painting service
    Outdoor painting services have higher requirements in terms of standardization, because outdoor operations have their unique characteristics. One is to pay attention to safety regulations, and the other is to have different construction steps and construction techniques from indoors.
    First, the new house exterior painting
    The outdoor service of a new house mainly refers to the paint construction of the overall exterior wall of the building. In this regard, first of all, we need to attach great importance to safety. Therefore, safety regulations and safe operation skills have also become the focus of construction enterprises. Secondly, exterior wall paint construction has different standards from indoors in terms of quality and craftsmanship.
    Second, exterior painting for old houses
    If you want to paint the exterior wall of the old house, you must also do a good job in the step of scraping the wall. Security issues are also involved here, and require higher requirements than new houses. For the construction process and quality, these points need to be done: leveling the wall, simple construction process (without affecting the construction quality), and reducing construction costs as much as possible under the premise of ensuring quality.

Fourth, meet environmental protection requirements

In New Zealand, the requirements for environmental protection are very high. Therefore, high-quality North Shore painting services must be carried out under the conditions of the entire process in compliance with environmental regulations. Painting companies must have a high degree of environmental awareness and professional ethics for the health of the owners. Therefore, when measuring the quality of a company’s paint service, environmental protection factors cannot be ignored.

In North Shore, when entrusting a painting service company, it is necessary to conduct a multi-faceted and all-round investigation, not only to understand its specific service process, but also to pay attention to the ability of its construction personnel, and other factors such as environmental protection and painting specifications must also be considered. Only by doing well in these aspects can the painting service of this company be of high quality.