Hauraki – Weatherboard Exterior

Dulux Weathershield low sheen; Under eave and barge board: South Alps, low sheen vivid white.

Weatherboard first coat done
First coat painting and frames cutting
Second coat started, see the color difference.
Window frame peeling paint removed, frames sanded, Dulux quick dry oil primer as first coat, skimming with contract filler, then sanding again, primer again before we apply the enamel semi gloss South Alps vivid white.
Finishing the first coat.
Second coat done, masking tapes to be removed
Basement: Midhirst low sheen. Iron Sand is better, to match the roof too. However, people like different colors we just follow their choices.
Back section done, smooth weatherboard now, a lot of sanding pays back as good results.
Deck outside done
Corner plates all MetalShield primed before painting to prevent possible future rusting through.

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