Dairy Flat – Farm House Windows

This painting work is more about saving the window frames. The wood frames deserve more maintenance rather than until now. To repair it without the extra cost of a carpenter and some timber work, we can save the rotten parts with a mixed practice of small piece of irregular shape, liquid nails, some screws, builder’s filler and contract filler together.

First we clean out all the rotten soft parts, dust off the debris with simply a painter’s duster until we fell some solid surface. Next we cut some tiny pieces of good timber, in a few cases we used screws to tight them down to the frames. To fill in the space we apply the liquid nail which is powerful and solid enough with the strength to glue two piece of framing timber together so it’s more than extreme to be apply for such window sill repair works. After the filler dries, we cut them into better shapes, then to use the yellow smelling contract filler. Half a day later it’s normal sanding works. Primer under coat applied after that, from here you won’t tell it used to be a rotten window sill anymore.

A lot of sanding machine works. The good part is we do not worry too much about the dust of sanding by working outdoor. The dusts are all blowing in the wind:) While it’s a farm house, nobody complains! No guys check us out except the cows.

These painting practice is called skimming coat, after the basic peeling paint stripping and under coat, a layer of contract filler coated and sanded to make the surface smoother.

Cracking putty works are basic. Many painters do not do these putty works and they ask the owner to pay another trade man called glazier. We call it a waste of extra money, we can do window glass putty work very well. We use the good quality quick dry putty rather than the brown regular ones which takes ages to dry.

The job is more about saving the window frame. Painting actually took the last 1/4 of our time.

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