Birkdale – Exterior

Birkdale house painting in North Shore completed in one week. Dulux paints as usual for exterior painting.

  • Weatherboard: Weathershield Exterior Low Sheen, color: Linton
  • Soffit: Okarito, a common white for under eave
  • Window frames: Acrynamel semi gloss interior/exterior, color Southern Alps

The feature of this exterior house painting is the weatherboard corner bit sanding and primer using special primer for galvanized iron to prevent the metal rust from coming through the paint in long term. The house was built and firstly painted in year 2009. We can see obvious rusts showing through. We used grander sanding machine to go through all metal plates and primed them all before regular exterior paint painting.

This photo is metal sanded and primed. Weather board all light sanded with 150 grid sanding paper, everywhere.

The front entrance column

Each and every corner and every plate all well sanded before under coat prime painting.

The result is good and smooth. Southern Alps white offers a good contract between the window and the house itself.

More photos of this painting work. It took 2-3 painters 9 days full time to complete the house painting.

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