Albany – Plaster Exterior

Completed in one week in Albany North Shore. The painting work was done in a week by three painters. We used our own mobile scaffolding to save customers extra money. The house looks much more modern and refreshed after painting. Moss killer Dulux house washing cleaner Prep Wash is able to remove dirt and grease stains, combats mould, mildew and algae. It’s easy to use for preparing exterior surfaces for painting

House front, trim, garage door all painted.
Windows and frames all covered well before the painting to avoid paint drops.
Under eave painting done for ground and first floor.
Under eave, same color as wall.
Deck painted by Dulux Timbacryl, color is Log Cabin.
The house back side before and after painting
Front deck painted.
Fence wall painted after high pressure water blasting mixed with Dulux exterior washing moss killer.

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