Recently Completed North Shore Exterior House Painting Works

A list of our well done exterior house painting jobs in all North Shore aeras.

Dairy Flat Farm House Window Exterior Painting

This painting work is more about saving the window frames. The wood frames deserve more maintenance rather than until now. To repair it without the extra cost of a carpenter and some timber work, we can save the rotten parts with a mixed practice of small piece of irregular shape, liquid nails, some screws, builder’s filler and contract filler together. First we clean out all the rotten soft parts, dust off the debris with simply a painter’s duster until we fell some solid surface. Next we cut some tiny pieces of good timber, in a few cases we used screws to tight them down to the frames. To fill in the space we apply the liquid nail which is powerful and solid enough with the strength to glue two piece of framing timber together so it’s more than extreme to be apply for such window sill repair works. After the

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Hillcrest Concrete Tile Roof Repair and Painting

First of first we have to cover the roof immediately the 5 pieces of roof edge tile. We found the same brand and specification from a demolition yard in South Auckland and the same day we bought a lot extra for future use they are $5 a piece only. This is a 1990’s built house it’s going to be harder to match the same tile later so we’d better to same some for the future. This was the good job done by the April Auckland storm. I assume many trade people are happy about the storm because since then the businesses are getting a bit better than regular. This is why we have this job the same reason I reckon. We gave the roof a total complete water blasting to remove all dirty and moss. Mortar is the right mixed cement to stick tiles together when they are all we

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Rosedale Exterior House Painting

We completed this Rosedale North Shore house exterior painting work today and these are the results. 4 painters worked 4 days to get it done. This is a hardie cladding house. The challenge is the four windows off the steep roof. This is before the painting. This is after. Other parts of the house all well prepared and painted. Color Dulux Okarito a very popular pure white just WHITE color.   The doors could be repaired, why we use Builder’s Filler? Because it dries much faster than contract filler, both require professional skills to handle well to achieve ideal smooth surface results.

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Albany House Exterior Painting

The Albany house had not been taken care of for at least 10 years. 2/3 of the surface we did complete paint stripping, sanding and under coated before more repairs and sanding. Check the photo to see how smooth the weatherboard panels look like now.   Deck stain is from Resene, while house paint from Dulux. Front door water based enamel semi gloss paint. Same as window frames which is a common practice at the moment. Three layers of previous paint all removed from the window frames and we did down to timber type of preparation before the painting. The whole job took 6 days for 3-4 painters working from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

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Hauraki House Exterior Painting

North Shore – Hauraki house exterior painting work done in 4 days by 4 painters. Prepare all exterior surface, fix crack/nails and paint 2 coats . Use Dulux weathershield exterior low sheen, all paint and materials included Scaffolding and clean-up included Work to start on Thursday and expected to take 3-4 days 1/3 Payment on starting, reminder of 2/3 at completion. Back of the house painted. East section done including soffit and under eave painted. Weatherboard very well sanded before painting, a lot of sanding for two days. House West section painted.    

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Glenfield House Exterior Painting

Glenfield weatherboard house exterior painting works done in one week including all the repairs and reparations. This photo is the second repair after the first paint stripping and repairs, under coat and first top coat. The second time painting preparation works in progress. Work on going at the back of the house the yard side. Rear door sanded, under coated then we used oil based enamel high gloss paint to triple the perfection over the years. It’s tough. All timber window frames sanded, under coated and oil based enamel paint painted. House front side window frames painted, it’s shinny now. Front door oil based enamel high gloss painted. Windows in the bush all sanded and painted. Inside section first coat painting. A lot of rotten timber repair works. We should not wait until the timber was so seriously rotten to do the house maintenance. Window frames almost penetrated. This rotten

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